The PA exists to support the school and participation in our events and initiatives is one of the best ways to contribute your volunteer hours. We plan many fun events throughout the year, so join us and see what we’re all about!

Upcoming Events

  • Gala!
    Yu Ying’s annual Gala – the school’s biggest fundraising event – is this Saturday, May 6th at 6:30 pm.  Not only will it be an amazing party with music, dancing and drinks, the annual gala is a great way to support our incredible school by purchasing tickets and buying auction items.

    Why give to the gala? Because money raised at the gala will support one of Yu Ying’s greatest assets–our teachers! Yu Ying’s continued success relies on finding and retaining great teachers. As part of the school community, we must support this mission.

    Also, think of the gala as a chance to meet the parents of the children you have been hearing about all year. As of right now, the 5th grade parents have the strongest representation at the gala followed by the kindergarten and 2nd grade parents. Don’t let your child’s class be underrepresented.  We need every family to support this effort.

    You can still purchase gala tickets.  If you can’t attend the gala on May 6, please consider buying a ticket, so that you get access to the mobile bidding system, and bid on our auction items – especially the class projects! Click here for a sneak peak at the auction items.

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The Washington Yu Ying Parent Association supports the students, faculty and staff of Washington Yu Ying.